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Lisa lost 65 pounds,
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Schedule and Archives

April 26, 2011 Reporting Live from the Universe
February 22, 2011 Rock What You Got
June 22, 2010 Radio Appearance on Dynamic Transformations (CBS Radio)
May 26, 2010 Radio Appearance on Rock What You Got!
May 5, 2010 Radio Appearance on ReCreation with Radine!
April 5, 2010 Radio Appearance on Insights for the Soul
March 29, 2010 Radio Appearance on Northern Lightworker
March 15, 2010 Radio Appearance on Brilliant Essence
March 2, 2010 Radio Appearance on Passions Purpose and Prosperity
February 28, 2010 Radio Appearance on World Puja -- Spontaneous Combustion with Maureen Moss
December 7, 2009 Radio Appearance on Sex and Self Worth -- Tantalizing Talk
November 11 2009 Radio Appearance on Archmessenger
August 10, 2009 Radio Appearance on Who You Callin' Old?
April 20, 2009 Radio Appearance on Empowering You
November 11, 2008 Radio Appearance on Bel's Light
October 11, 2008 TV appearance on The Third Eye
October 7, 2008 Radio appearance on Archmessenger
October 5, 2008 Radio appearance on Awake: Now What?
July 23, 2008 Radio appearance on Brilliant Essence with Astrid Stromberg
April 21, 2008

Radio appearance on He Said, She Said! with Walks With Thunder and Terri C.

March 6, 2008

Radio appearance on Mirrors of the Soul with Dr. Beth Erickson

March 5, 2008 Radio appearence on Conscious Healing with Sherry Anshara
February 26, 2008 Radio appearance on Walking With Spirit with Monique Chapman
February 15, 2008: TV appearance on Studio 10, CBS affiliate in Tampa Bay
January 28, 2008: Podcast interview on Donate Your Weight
January 16, 2008: Radio appearance on A Cognizant Life
December 17, 2007: Radio appearance on The Metaphysical World and Beyond
December 13, 2007: Radio appearance on Myth or Logic
October 27, 2007: TV appearance on the Virtual Light Project (part 1)
TV appearance on the Virtual Light Project (part 2)
October 2, 2007: Radio appearance on Paranormal Talk
August 31, 2007 Radio appearance on Think Again
August 21, 2007: Radio appearance on Gateway For the Golden Age

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