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Lisa lost 65 pounds,
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To explain how Shape Shifting works, all I have to do is look at my “Before and After” pictures and recall what I felt like when each was taken. In the “Before” picture, which was taken on my birthday several years ago, my life was completely miserable. I hated my job, I felt trapped, and every day was awful—even the anti-depressants I was taking didn’t help. Although I was smiling (sort of) in the picture, I was living a life of quiet desperation. It almost hurts to look at it, now.

The second picture was taken after I made incredible changes in my life. I am now extremely happy, living a life of creativity, and feeling like I’ve found my soul’s purpose. That, in a nutshell, is how I lost the weight. I started to pay attention to what makes me feel happy and alive, and took steps to begin living. I started taking better care of myself because I finally cared about myself. Fifty pounds dropped off in the process, as a “by-the-way,” happy bonus.

They say it takes more than diet and exercise to lose weight and get in shape. It takes a lifestyle change, and most of us really don't want to change as much as is required. We just want to go on that diet for as short a time as possible and get it over with. We feel, "Isn't it enough that I can't eat my favorite foods anymore and I have to bust my butt exercising? Do I have to also change everything else about myself? I don't have time for that!"

Well, I found a way to make those "lifestyle changes" fun and fascinating. I began looking at my life story as a mystery to be solved. What was the cause and effect at play in what my body had become? If I work through "this" issue, will it affect "that" aspect of my physical body? And what about energy work, like Reiki? How do the essences of certain foods affect me as an individual? Does forgiveness really improve my health? How does this body/mind/spirit stuff work? And what about the Law of Attraction? How does that play into this whole thing?

In the first picture, I was at my highest weight: 215 pounds. At 5’2,” that’s a lot. In the second picture, I weigh 165. Since then, I've lost another 15, for a total of 65 pounds. I’m thinking about losing a few more, but if I never do, I’m totally fine with that. I’m healthy and happy. I, personally, have no desire to look like a model or centerfold. That version of "attractive" isn't what I'm interested in "attracting." I don't enjoy the kind of attention that kind of body attracts. If I do lose more weight, it will only be a reflection of an even more joyful life, first!

It just happens that my “soul’s purpose,” as I mentioned above, is to be a writer, radio show host and support group leader. I’m convinced that my reason for gaining the weight to begin with was so I would embark upon a journey that would take me to the depths of my soul and back, only to share what I’ve learned with anyone who wants to do the same.

To that end, I wrote the books Shape Shifting—reclaiming YOUR perfect body, and the Shape Shifter's Daily Diary. I have created Shape Shifters Groups (including an online facebook version), a no-cost support format to help readers apply what they learn in the book(s). The only requirement to attend a group is to read Shape Shifting first.

I hosted a show on BlogTalkRadio, where callers shared their stories and challenges, and learned more about Shape Shifting. I interviewed incredible guests who each added another facet of insight into gaining a healthier and happier life. Starting in January of 2014, the show's focused changed to be more about Shape Shifting, than about other books. The show, like the groups, is intended to help “Shape Shifters” to stay focused on a new, healthier and happier way of thinking in a world that makes it difficult to do so.

In essence, all I did was be true to myself and I lost weight. It was as easy—and as difficult—as that.
I shifted my thoughts and, therefore, shifted my shape.

Lisa Bonnice_

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