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After a long hiatus, Shape Shifting is back on BlogTalkRadio! Join Lisa Bonnice, author of Shape Shifting--reclaiming your perfect body, and her fellow Shape Shifters as they shift their thoughts to shift the shape of whatever goals they happen to be working toward.

In 2013, using her Shape Shifter's Daily Diary format, Lisa has accomplished several huge goals. She has lost 35 pounds, quit smoking, gone from couch potato to walking at least 20 miles per week, and published a best selling book, in addition to many other improvements!

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Joining Lisa each week are members of her Shape Shifter's Daily Diary group, who all know the format well and have also seen dramatic results in their own lives. Their goal is to help you to learn how to use this easy method to create a much more interesting, productive and happy life!

Check out the show's page on Facebook to find out more, and to participate in your own Shape Shifting journey with like-minded people, whether that includes weight balancing or any other goal. Shape Shifting works!

Past guests of the show include such New Age experts, healers and authors as Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell (founder of the Institute of Noetic Science and the sixth man to walk on the moon), Neale Donald Walsch, sound healer Jonathan Goldman, Lynne McTaggart, James Twyman, Debbie Ford, Bob Doyle, Steve Rother and many others!

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