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No site is complete without links, right? So here are a few that Lisa would like to share with you, in no particular order:

(Radio show links are here)

You absolutely MUST watch this WisdomFlash if you need inspiration to stay on track with your Shape Shifting efforts. In fact, watch it every morning before you begin your day and you'll be supercharged and empowered before you even walk out the door!

Visit Lightworker's World!

Elizabeth Anne Hill, author and friend of Shape Shifting, has got a powerful message for humanity. See her books and CD here. Glenna Dietrich is an incredible psychic medium who was featured in the book Courageous Souls. Glenna and Elizabeth have a wonderful project called An Interview with the Universe. Download or buy the CDs here.

Metaphysical Wisdom
is about sharing, networking and promoting information whose time has come.

BrainSync offers a wonderful, affordable and downloadable meditation called "Slim Naturally" that is perfectly in alignment with the message in Shape Shifting. has amazingly accurate online readings.
offers courses, CDs, cards and many other interesting things.

Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback in the amazing video game, Wild Divine. Play the game with your breath and your thoughts! Check out the Wild Divine NOW!

Abraham-Hicks offers some really great information. Your life will never be the same!

Conversations With God's main site. Powerful stuff!

Join Humanity's Team to hook up with like-minded people. 

Faith Rivera is a singer worth listening to! Her New Age gospel type music will help you to remember who you really are.

Cover artist Justin Spyres has his own site! Go see some of his other work!

Zsuzsana Summer has written a wonderful book entitled The Now Age. Down to earth and matter of fact, The Now Age is ideal for those interested in learning about metaphysics and spirituality. It even has lots of information for those who've been studying for years!

Victoria Wilson is a wonderful heart-centered teacher and counselor.

Body Mind Spirit Directory Conscious Living, Holistic Health, Natural Healing, Spirituality and Green Resources

Cultural Creative Web Directory The very best hand-picked, human edited Cultural Creative Web Directory of sites and resources on the internet today.

For more information about some of the things discussed in Shape Shifting, follow the links below:

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