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With a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch, 
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Written by award-winning affiliate writer for and humorist Lisa Bonnice, Shape Shifting--reclaiming your perfect body (formerly titled Addressing the Goo--the Metaphysics of Weight Loss) answers the question "Why is it so hard to lose weight, even though I diet constantly?"

Frustrated by the lack of information available about using body/mind/spirit philosophy for this specific problem, she set out to find the answers on her own. Those answers appear in the pages of Shape Shifting--reclaiming your perfect body.

Using humor and plain English, the author has written an explanation of how she lost over 50 pounds (and counting) while writing the book. She offers easy to follow, humorous and practical advice. The reader will find Shape Shifting--reclaiming your perfect body to be refreshing and honest, and surprisingly easy to comprehend. 

The reader will learn: 

  • Why“Eat less, exercise more,” doesn’t work for all of us.

  • That unhealthy thoughts sabotage our efforts, and how to change them so we can finally lose the weight!

  • How our reactions seemingly unrelated things, like sexism and porn, can cause us to gain or hang onto excess weight.

  • How connecting to Spirit can help ease the process tremendously. 

  • That we won't lose weight as long as we have anything to gain from it.

  • How even our religious upbringing can play a part in holding us back.

  • That holding an unrealistic ideal in our minds can override our efforts. 

  • How to refocus our thoughts on our own ideal, healthy form. 

  • How to feel sexy just as we are, even if we never look like a centerfold.

  • How to finally take control of these issues once and for all, and attain the healthiest, most attractive body possible.

Answers to these questions, and so much more, are included in
Shape Shifting--reclaiming your perfect body 


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This Diary is created for the serious Shape Shifter, one who has read Shape Shifting—reclaiming YOUR perfect body, and wants to shift into a more genuine expression of Self. It is intended to teach you to be a Shape Shifter. It's a magical book that you activate with your intention and agreement to use it as such. Irresponsible use immediately deactivates the mojo.

The Shape Shifter's Daily Diary will help you to create the life you’d rather be living. You can use this Diary to lose weight, get healthier, or to accomplish any other goal. The process is the same and the possibilities are endless.

Using five powerful creation components—Triumphs, Makeovers, Challenges, Intentions & Epiphanies—this Diary will help you to not only create and keep track of accomplishments (one of the most important parts of manifesting … feeling grateful for the good things in life), but to also recognize and reframe any roadblocks.

The Law of Attraction states that, "Like attracts like." In other words, we can't have what we want in our physical reality until we feel we already have it. You can not be rich if you feel poor. You can not be thin if you feel fat. You can not win if you feel like a loser. So how do you feel like you are what you are not? It is a frustrating paradox.

The Shape Shifter's Daily Diary is not just a journal, it is a creation tool. While using it, you flow into a new "You," in the same way that river currents reshape boulders. Every entry reshapes the contours of your life. By becoming conscious of who you are becoming, on a daily basis, you have more deliberate say in what your contours will eventually look like.

You must know you are wealthy to become rich. You must know you are thin to lose weight. You must know you are a winner in order to triumph. Our outer circumstances mirror our inner world. Using this Diary will help you to deliberately create your desired outcome.

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