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My name is Lisa Bonnice. One of my favorite movie scenes, which beautifully sums up my philosophy of life, is from Men In Black, when Tommy Lee Jones says to Will Smith, "Fifteen minutes ago you knew aliens didn't exist. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow." Another favorite movie line is from The Matrix ... "There is no spoon."

Please check out this page, with my "Before and After" photos, and an explanation about what Shape Shifting means to me and how it has changed my life in so many powerful ways!


And now, the official bio:

Lisa Bonnice (her maiden and “pen” name) was born back in the days of the hippies and JFK. Bobby Kennedy’s assassination was the first really powerful event of her conscious awareness and it informed her worldview (Cute boys can have their heads blown off on national television, for no good reason that anyone can name. WTF?).

She knew, in elementary school, that if she was 10 years older, she would be spending the Summer of Love at Haight Ashbury, so it’s probably a good thing that she wasn’t old enough. Instead, she spent her teens like the kids on That 70s Show, wearing platform clogs and hanging out in the basement while listening to Elton John and Aerosmith (and Queen—can’t forget Freddie Mercury).

She married young, as girls who grow up in Indiana often do, and divorced young, as girls who marry young often do. With two daughters to raise alone, she decided the easiest path to do so would be to begin performing standup comedy and traveling the country.

For seven years, from the mid-1980s to the early 90s, she dragged her girls out on the road with her as she told jokes in comedy clubs all over the US, opening for such acts as Tim Allen, Steve Harvey and Jeff Foxworthy. (She even taught Ellen Degeneres how glowsticks work, and was once galactically insulted by Paul Reiser!)

During her sojourns as a wandering yukster, her eyes were opened to the great big world out there, and she was able to see that there is so much more to life than being a Midwestern teen mom with a dysfunctional Catholic dogma pounding. While wandering through a bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin—a very cool town with a great comedy club—she discovered the “metaphysics” section of the store and has been hooked ever since.

In 1989, she met Mr. Right, Jeff Swiney (that’s pronounced Sweeney, thank you) another comic. You can read that awesome story here.

Lisa and Jeff moved to LA, with the kids, to become famous comedians. Long story short, that did not happen. But Lisa did find interesting jobs in LA, like working as an editor for Future Medicine Publishers, on their now-classic encyclopedia, Alternative Medicine—the Definitive Guide. She takes great pride in showing off her name in the credits to whomever she finds in possession of the massive tome. She was working for Laserium, the original laser concert company in Van Nuys CA, when the Northridge Quake devastated the San Fernando Valley, where she and the family lived. So. That happened.

Eventually, they moved back to the Midwest where Lisa got a job at NBC33-WKJG, the local NBC affiliate, as their MSNBC affiliate writer/producer and on-air Internet reporter. During her five years there, she won two Excellence awards from

It was during this time that Lisa wrote her first book, originally titled Addressing the Goo—the metaphysics of weight loss. She lost 50 pounds while figuring out ‘Exactly what are the metaphysics of weight loss?’

Eventually, the kids grew up and moved out, so Jeff and Lisa moved to Florida, to get away from the snow. They moved to a resort on the Gulf Coast, where Lisa met her future co-author Stacey M. Kananen.

Meantime, she became the Florida State Coordinator for Neale Donald Walsch’s organization Humanity’s Team. She synchronistically met Walsch during a conference in Santa Barbara, as he was picking up a copy of Addressing the Goo that a friend had left on a table. He loved her book but hated what it was called. He told her that he would write a foreword if she wrote a new edition, but she really should change that title. As a result, Shape Shifting—reclaiming YOUR perfect body was born.

The Shape Shifters Daily Diary soon followed, and Lisa began hosting Shape Shifting with Lisa Bonnice on BlogTalkRadio. She featured guests like Neale Donald Walsch and moon-walking Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Her first novel, Be Careful What You Witch For! was written about a bored housewife who wakes up one day with psychic abilities and a sarcastic fairy sidekick.

During this time, her friend Stacey Kananen was enduring the most horrible real-life storyline you can imagine. Stacey’s mother had been murdered, and she was falsely accused and arrested. Lisa attended Stacey’s murder trial and, after it ended in a not guilty verdict, she and Stacey wrote a book entitled Fear of Our Father (Berkley Books, June 2013).

Lisa is currently working on her second novel, a sequel to Be Careful What You Witch For! She and Jeff now live in Arizona, and life just gets weirder from there.

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